Appraisals and Valuations

In the context of what we are going to present to you, Appraisal means the same thing as Valuation.

The CDI Group provides strategic and financial appraisal and valuation services for Business Sellers, Business Buyers, and Strategic Partners like: Bankers, CPA’s, Financial Planners, Attorneys, and Private Equity Groups, Private Investment Groups.

The CDI Group or 3rd Party Strategic Partners The CDI Group works with, will appraise / value:

  • Businesses and Companies.
  • Machinery and Equipment.
  • Real Property: Buildings and/or Land. (For Real Property, we have Strategic Partnerships with State Licensed Property Appraisers in every State in the USA)
  • The CDI Group is “a-one-place-to-go” for any kind of Appraisal / Valuation needed by anyone in the USA and Internationally.

When considering the sale, re-capitalization, capital for expansion, and/or an acquisition of a business, a through understanding of the “Value” of a company is critical. The “Value” of a business is critical in knowing how to price a company for sale, how to structure the transaction, how much to pay for an acquisition, how much a bank will loan a Business Owner or a Person or Company that wants to acquire another company. An Appraisal / Valuation is a valuable took in Buy/Sell Agreement, Wills, Trusts, etc.

Lastly, a periodic appraisal / valuation is critical in Business Planning and/or constructing an Exit Plan and Exit Strategy. Most CDI Clients tell us that business owners are only kidding themselves if they think they know what their business is worth today and how to use that knowledge to their advantage. And that is understandable. Business and company owners and leaders their business. We are “Pro’s” in the appraisal / valuation business.

We look forward to the possible opportunity of working with you.

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